[Zope-Annce] Archetypes 1.0 Released

Sidnei da Silva sidnei at plone.org
Sat Aug 9 20:17:24 EDT 2003

New Archetypes Release is out on the streets. Powered by Brazilian coffee :^)

Just made  the final 1.0 release of Archetypes_. This new release
includes a whole bunch of bugfixes, improved FTP support for
BaseContent-based objects with the new RFC822Marshaller (made
default), slight UI cleaning, fixed handling of error messages on form

Also, on this release the *transform* package was deprecated, and the
*validation* and *transform* packages were turned into standalone
distutils-enabled packages.

Get the files here:
   - `Archetypes tarball`_
   - `generator`_ (required)
   - `validation`_ (required)
   - `Portal Transforms`_ (optional)

.. _Archetypes: http://sf.net/projects/archetypes
.. _Archetypes tarball:
.. _generator:
.. _validation:
.. _Portal Transforms:

Many thanks go to Benjamin Saller, Sylvain Thenault, Andy McKay, Alan
Runyan, Philipp Auersperg, Robert Boulanger, Fabiano Weimar dos
Santos and all the folks that submitted patches and bug reports.

Sidnei da Silva
dreamcatching :: making your dreams come true

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