[Zope-Annce] Epoz 0.7.1 released - critical bug fix for 0.7.0

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Dec 1 19:17:22 EST 2003

Hi to all,

I've just released Epoz 0.7.1 - a critical bug fix for all people who 
installed Epoz 0.7.0 (the XHTML-release of Epoz).

What is Epoz?

  Epoz is a cross-browser-wysiwyg-editor for Zope and Plone. It works 
out of the box with InternetExplorer >= 5.5, Mozilla >= 1.3, Firebird >= 
0.7 and other "Gecko"-based browsers with a recent engine.

Is Epoz now XHTML-compatible?

  Yes, it is. It uses the mxTidy-module (download 
http://www.lemburg.com/files/python/mxTidy.html) over XMLRPC to 
transform the HTML to XHTML on the fly. There was a severe bug in the 
3.party-vcXMLRPC-modul which resulted in Mozilla truncating the XHTML to 
4096 characters, so please upgrade if you installed Epoz 0.7.0 or data 
may be lost.

Can I see a demo?


Where can I download Epoz?


What are the changes in the 0.7.x-release?


   - added support for mxTidy to produce nice and valid xhtml-code.

   - added site-hook EpozPostTidy, so you can change the output of Epoz
with an additional script / external method. Useful if you want
to clean up or rewrite (absolute) links etc.pp.

   - added missing language support for Plone.


   - fixed critical bug: Mozilla truncated contents to
4096 bytes received from EpozTidy over XMLRPC
due to a bug in the string-code of the vcXMLRPC-library.

   - fixed critical bug: if mxTidy found errors in html,
an empty document was returned to Epoz. JavaScript-alert
informs the user about critical errors in document.

And what is this thing with Epoz 0.x and Epoz 1.x?

  There's an ongoing effort on http://sf.net/projects/epoz to develop a 
next generation of Epoz (1.x), based on new ideas and on a new design. 
Guido Wesdorp, Philipp von Weitershausen and Paul Everitt have done a 
great job working on Epoz (1.x). The developement of the original Epoz 
(0.x) will continue because I run several applications which I can't 
easily update to Epoz (1.x) in the near future.

Keep zoped,

Maik Jablonski
German Zope User Group / Deutsche Zope User Group

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