[Zope-Annce] New book: Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

Nigel McFarlane nrm at kingtide.com.au
Fri Dec 26 01:44:04 EST 2003

Dear Zope Folk,

Over here (there?) in the Mozilla community, we appreciate the
various attempts you've made to combine Zope and Mozilla.

Just a brief note to say that such work can now be
attempted by mere humans, thanks to *embarrassed cough*
my new book which covers the Mozilla side. See it at:


This time there's extensive hand-holding, tutorials,
and clear and complete explanations - more than sufficient
to get going easily, should you choose to do so.
Guesswork has reduced and software stability has increased.

For the skeptical, a non-Amazon review can be seen here:


Hope this helps. Good luck with your Zope work.
New Mozilla-based applications are a topic of increasing
interest over at mozilla.org lately.  Do be in
touch if Mozilla starts sounding attractive to you again.

kind regards,

Nigel McFarlane (author).

Nigel McFarlane                                   nrm at kingtide.com.au
Services:                   Analysis, Programming, Writing, Education	
Expertise:            Software, Telecommunications, Internet, Physics
Author "Rapid Application Development with Mozilla"   ISBN 0131423436

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