[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.15 released

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Sat, 01 Feb 2003 11:33:01 -0800


    Minor bugfixes and some changes to wikimail behaviour.

Upgrade notes

    If you're doing mailin, don't forget to re-save your external
    method after installing this release.



    * don't store page names in recipient real name. This seems to
    create more confusion than it solves. mailin.py's checkrecipient
    option is now off by default, and the line in Mail.py:sendMailTo()
    which puts the page name in mailouts' reply-to is commented out.

    * don't recognize bare wiki names in mailin subjects - only page
    names enclosed in brackets. Explicit is better than implicit.
    More details on http://zwiki.org/WikiMailDiscussion, please
    comment there if you don't agree with these changes.
    * non-headed comments were sending error reports to mail_admin
    if configured

  Skins and content

    * default: some fixes for valid HTML (Pieter Biemond, IssueNo0399)

    * default, zwiki_orig: increase max quote size in header to 300

    * zwiki_orig: get rid of the javascript double-click


    * leave unknown link titles blank instead of showing "xxx zwiki bug"

    * a comment's subject (explicit from a field or inlined) is now
    used for the transaction log regardless of the use_heading checkbox.

More information: http://zwiki.org/KnownIssues , http://zwiki.org .