[Zope-Annce] AdaptableStorage at PyCon and Four Product Updates

Shane Hathaway shane@zope.com
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 17:27:03 -0500

** AdaptableStorage and DBTab **

I will present a tutorial on AdaptableStorage at PyCon 2003 in March. 
The tutorial will explain how to use AdaptableStorage with and without 
Zope, focusing on mapping objects to relational databases.  If you've 
been looking for a reason to join the conference, maybe this is it!


Also, several people have tried out AdaptableStorage in the past two of 
weeks and have provided good feedback as well as new code, so it's time 
for a new release.  Special thanks to Christian Zagrodnick, Chris 
Withers, Data Lim, Elena Schulz, and Andreas Jung.  Version 0.5 brought 
a lot of improvements to the filesystem mapping.  It provides proper 
mapping of Python Scripts, ZSQL methods, DTML methods, and DTML 
Documents.  It also stores new objects with automatic filename 
extensions, making it easier to use with filesystem-oriented tools.

DBTab, now at version 1.1, got an update designed to make it faster and 
safer.  It is recommended that you update both products at the same time.


** DCWorkflow **

A lot of work has gone into DCWorkflow by the community.  It's time for 
a new official release.  Version 0.5 adds help documentation contributed 
by John Morton and several bugfixes.


** VerboseSecurity **

VerboseSecurity, a small product that reveals the reasons for denied 
access in Zope, helps solve the most puzzling of Zope access control 
misconfigurations.  However, previous releases sometimes generated false 
error reports.  This release goes back to simple exception propagation, 
making it simpler and more reliable.