[Zope-Annce] Press Release: The Plone Team Releases Plone 1.0

Alexander Limi limi@plone.org
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 05:15:03 +0100

The Plone Team Releases Plone 1.0
Professional Open Source System For Managing Content

Paris, France -- At the SolutionsLinux 2003 conference, the Plone Team 
released Plone 1.0, bringing open source into the world of professional 
systems for managing content. Plone is an open source information 
management system available in 22 languages, and has a large and active 
community supporting it.

Plone marries design and usability to Zope, the award-winning application 
server, which provides a powerful open source architecture for rich content 
and rich content services.  The combination provides administrative 
workflow, multimedia, metadata, integrated search, and the industry's first 
standards-compliant templating system.  Other open-source add-ons provide 
Plone with integration of documents written in Microsoft Word and 
OpenOffice, PDF generation, versioning and more.

"The Plone infrastructure provides an easy, attractive installation that 
gives you a professional system in a matter of minutes. The team is 
passionate about the user experience, and much time has gone into refining 
and finishing the product", usability analyst Alexander Limi from the Plone 
Team stated at the release event.

The polished installers and integrated products make installation and 
deployment of Plone far more attractive than other systems. Once installed, 
users will find a productive environment for authoring, searching, and 
managing content.

"Plone marks an important milestone for Free Software," says Nicolas 
Pettiaux, ICT manager of Commission Communautaire Franšaise in Brussels. 
"We now have a complete system for managing information that competes head 
to head with major proprietary Content Management Systems. For large 
organizations, as we are in public administration, the arrival of a 
professional, workflow-oriented system will make Free Software the leading 
strategy it deserves to be."

Plone is available for a number of platforms, including Windows, MacOS X, 
Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

Notable users of Plone include NASA, Government of Hawaii, Lufthansa, and  
University College London. Plone can be downloaded from the website - 

About Plone
Plone is an open source system for managing information and administering 
content. Plone is backed by Plone International, a non-profit located in 
France. The organization holds the copyright, and Plone is available under 
a dual licencing scheme, both the GPL and a commercial license. Plone was 
founded in 1999 by Alan Runyan (USA), Alexander Limi (Norway) and Vidar 
Andersen (Norway), and has core developers in 14 different countries. 
Before the 1.0 release, Plone had already already passed 15 000 downloads. 
For more information and download options, see http://plone.org.

About Zope
Zope is a leading open source application server, specializing in content 
management, portals, and custom applications. Since Zope Corporation 
introduced Zope as an open source product in 1998, it has become the 
platform of choice for content publishers, managers, and application 
developers. As an open source product, Zope comes with complete source code 
and no software licensing fees. Zope is managed by the global Zope 
community, with thousands of developers and companies participating 
worldwide. More information, including the Zope source code, is available 
at www.zope.org.

Press contacts
Paul Everitt, Director of Zope Europe Association: paul@zope-europe.org

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