[Zope-Annce] TriZPUG February Meeting: Zope - Two talks from the source

Tom Bryan tbryan@python.net
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 08:38:49 +0500

The Triangle Zope/Python User Group (TriZPUG) will hold its fourth
meeting this Wednesday, February 26, at 6:30 p.m. in Raleigh, NC. We
will be meeting in the DELTA conference room(s) at Venture III, who
has kindly permitted us to use their meeting room, on NCSU's
Centennial Campus. Directions to Venture III are below.  This month, 
we have two very special speakers.  Rob Page and Jim Fulton from Zope 
Corporation will be in town and have agreed to give two talks.  The 
first part of the presentation will help describe the "open source 
machine" -- at least as it operates at Zope Corporation.  The second 
half will be more technical and should give you a better understanding 
of Zope 3.  

For those of you who plan to attend but are not TriZPUG members 
(listed on the TriZPUG wiki), please add your name to the following 
page.  It will help us ensure that we have sufficient room for the 

We hope to see you there!

Title: Zope - Two talks from the source 

Zope Corporation is busy on many fronts including custom application
development, the ongoing development of Zope 2.x, the development of
Zope 3.x, and the development of a series of "visible source"

Zope Corp Update and Intro to Turbo Intranet (Rob Page)
The first part of this presentation will be an introduction to one
such Visible Souce Product (Turbo Intranet) -- details available at:
If you'd like to hear about an economical way to get an intranet up
and running quickly AND get the source code, this presentation is for

Title: Zope 3 Update (Jim Fulton)
The second part of this presentation will cover Zope 3.x from a
technical perspective.  If you haven't had the time or energy to stay
in tune with Zope 3 -- here's your chance to get up to speed quickly.

Directions to the TriZPUG Meeting:
Note that we will be meeting in our new location at NCSU's Centennial 
Campus.   If you need directions to NCSU's Centennial Campus, try the
following link http://centennial.ncsu.edu/howtogethere/htgh.htm
If you need directions to the Venture III building, follow this link
http://lts.ncsu.edu/about/venture3.html, but skip step #3 since the meeting
is after hours.

For more about TriZPUG:
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