[Zope-Annce] NeoPortal Content Pak 0.9a3 released - New Poll content type, quota support added

Wankyu Choi wankyu@neoqst.com
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 05:09:52 +0900

I'm pleased to announce that NeoPortal Content Pak 0.9a3 has been =

Most notable in NeoPortal Content Pak 0.9a3 are a new Poll content type =
quota support for NeoPortal Folders. You can even add a poll slot either =
left or right slot area. It defaults to the right slot area.

Note that NeoPortal Folder quota support is experimental. It doesn't do =
harm, though ;-)

* cleaned up (2003/01/13): NeoPortal i18n cleaned up. Don't forget to
re-import 'po' files. A separate 'po' file is provided for additional =
entries to be added to your default message catalog. Some messages =
cannot be
translated by NeoPortal Content Pak: tabs, for example.

* changed (2003/01/12): NeoPortal Poll Slot randomly selects a poll from
currently running polls ( 'np_getRandomPoll.py' skin used )

* changed (2003/01/12): 'Install.py' now creates custom slots

* created (2003/01/12): NeoPortal Poll slot

* changed (Collector #44 - 2003/01/12): NeoPortal Poll is now closable.

* changed (2003/01/11): All NeoPortal Content Types now cache rendered

* fixed bug (2003/01/11): NeoPortal News Item was missing 'np_call_view'

* created (2003/01/11): New Content Type: 'NeoPortalPoll',

* changed (2003/01/11): All NeoPortal Content Types are now aware of =
restrictions ( raises exceptions when creation/addition of objects would
exceed quota )

* changed (2003/01/06): NeoPortal Folderish Objects now use

* changed (2003/01/03): file call view now calls 'view' instead of

* created (2003/01/03): NeoPortal Ordered Folder View and NeoPortal =
View are now separate

This version of NeoPortal Content Pak requires NeoPortal Library 0.9a3 =
higher, also available for download at

You may also download the latest versions of all NeoPortal products from
CVS: visit =
and read the instructions. NeoPortal products are updated on a daily =
It is highly recommended you download them from the CVS.

- Home: "http://www.zoper.net":http://www.zoper.net

- Downloads: =

Enjoy!  (8)

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