[Zope-Annce] Zope X3 Milestone Release 3 is available for download

Jim Fulton jim@zope.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 19:34:28 -0400

Zope X3 Milestone Release 3 is available for download:

     What is Zope X3? It's Zope 3 "experimental". This is the release
     that will provide the new features of Zope 3 without any Zope 2
     support.   Zope 3.0 will provide support for Zope 2 content and
     products, probably using conversion utilities of some sort.

     A lot of work has been done since the last release, including:

       - General UI improvements

       - Major changes have been made to the way local components are
         registered in a first step toward simplifying local (through the
         web) component registration.

       - The interface framework has been refactored in major ways:

         * Object interfaces are declared differently.

         * Interface introspection and component registry lookup
           performance has been improved.

         * Interface are now inherited.

       - Added a framework for decorators, which are context wrappers
         that also ease integration with the Zope application framework.

       - Configuration of the application server using a ZConfig-syntax
         configuration file with a simple schema.  This replaces

       - New schema field types for vocabularies.  See
         schema/vocabularies.txt for detailed documentation.

       - Added low-level support in TALES for path expressions of the form
         'a/b:c', which work by finding an adapter named 'b' for the
         object named by 'a' and traversing the adapter with the name

         Also defined and registered an adapter named 'zope', that
         provides a number of handy functions. For example, to gewt an
         object's name, use::


         Many more utility functions will be added over time.

         We still need a way to define other adapters. The mechanism for
         doing so is still undecided.

      - Added zope.app.zapi module that collects common application
        functions and other objects. This is to simplify imports for
        application code.  To get at many common objects, you can simply
        import zapi and then access the functions through zapi::

           from zope.app import zapi


           adapter = zapi.getAdapter(x, IFoo)

      - Added a pluggable authentication service.  The service supports
        pluggable principal sources and authentication methods (through
        views on principal sources).

        Deprecated the simple auth service.

      - Initial implementation of file-system synchronization.  This

        * Checking out objects from Zope to files in a local directory

        * Checking in Zope objects, with conflict resolution

        * Exporting objects

        * Importing objects

        (We need docs for this.)

      - Very preliminary local interface service

        The interface service will someday provide a tool for browsing
        and modifying all of the configurations for a interface (type).

        The initial version demostrates browsing component configurations
        be showing you all views configured for an interface.

      - WebDAV:

        Added PROPFIND and MKCOL to DAV support. Also added
        IDAVSchemaService, to allow registering an adapter to be used for
        a given namespace on PROPFIND requests.

     - Performance improvements (much more to come)

       This release is much less slow than the previous release.

     Much thanks to everone who contributed to this release:

        Steve Alexander, Stephan Richter, Marius Gedminas, Albertas
        Agejevas, Viktorija Zaksiene, Jeremy Hylton, Guido van
        Rossum, Fred Drake, R. David Murray, Martijn Faassen,
        Philipp von Weitershausen, Sidnei da Silva, Barry Warsaw,
        Tim Peters, Ulrich Eck, Godefroid Chapelle , Shane Hathaway,
        Tres Seaver, Gary Poster , Christian Theune, Alan Runyan,
        Andreas Jung, Kapil Thangavelu, Florent Guillaume, R. Sean
        Bowman, Axel Bringenberg, Christian Heimes, Paul Everitt,
        Itamar Shtull-Trauring, Naveen P, Rakesh Naidu , Suresh Babu
        Eddala, Sushant Kumar Rath, Deb Hazarika, S. Raju , Paul
        Winkler, Chris McDonough, Ken Manheimer, Nathan R. Yergler,
        Michael Howitz, Roger Ineichen, Benjamin Saller, Joachim
        Werner, Matt Hamilton, Volker Bachschneider, Casey Duncan,
        Anthony Baxter, Gregoire Weber, Holger Krekel, K.Narasimha
        Murthy , Alexander Limi, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman, Phillip Eby,
        Christian Zagrodnick, Vincenzo Di Somma, Yvo Schubbe,
        Bernhard Buehlmann, Heimo Laukkanen, Magnus Heino, and Guido


       Zope3 requires Python 2.2.3 or later and PyXML 0.8.1 or higher.
       PyXML can be downloaded from http://sf.net/projects/pyxml


       - Source release:

         Follow the instructions for building from source in README.txt.

       - A windows binary release:

         This is an "in-place" build. Just unzip it and run it.
         Use Python 2.2 and skip the
         building part of the instructions.


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