[Zope-Annce] CMFContentPanels 1.1 released!

˿\(panjunyong\) panjy@zopechina.ods.org
Sun, 6 Jul 2003 18:56:18 +0800

We, "ZopeChina":http://www.zopechina.com, is glad to annouce the new release
of CMFContentPanels.

CMFContentPanels is a cmf/plone content which can compose complex view by
defining panels and their layout TTW. Panel is defined with content, viewlet
and box skin. One content can have serveral different viewlets since version

It is really a long time since the last release. But i can say you are worth
waiting;-). This release contains so much new features and refinements.

Briefly what's new in CMFContentPanels1.1:

* new content/viewlet/box_skin archecture. content can define several

* use CMF Action mechanism to register viewlet

* I18N

* select content by bowsing and search(thanks for code from Epoz)

* much UI refine

* many other features...

go to the product page for detail: