[Zope-Annce] First Plone Conference

alan runyan runyaga@runyaga.com
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 12:25:32 -0500

    **Plone: In Development and Production**

    Plone - the platform that extends the award-winning Zope application
server is having it's first conference.  Plone is used as the basis for 
building Intranets,
Content Management Systems, Inventory Management systems and corporate 
Now users, developers and consultants will have a opportunity to attend a 
three day conference specifically focusing on the Plone platform.
If you use or plan on using Plone or Zope - *you do not want to miss this
 The first Plone conference will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana
in the United States from October 15-17, 2003.  The conference
space is located in Tulane University and will be supported by
Tulane Univerisity Conference Services.  There will
be connectivity (wireless and corded), snacks, and lunches on
campus (can accomodate both meat and leaf eaters alike).
Of course, after the conference days we have all of New Orleans
to choose from to drink, eat, and listen to fantastic music.
 The conference has two tracks of concerns or "themes" which
are not specifically solely related to Plone.  The themes are
"Development" and "Production" and all tutorials and presentations
will centered around the themes.  This
conference is to bootstrap the earliest of participants into the
world of Plone and Zope.

    We are still accepting proposals for presentations and tutorials.
The goal of the conference is simple: have fun, exchange ideas,
and lots of interaction between participants and presenters.  The Plone 
community have always been filled with gregarious members and conferences 
are a good way for people to put faces to names; sketch out problems on 
boards; demo software and ideas that are currently in development.

    There will be a keynote speaker (TBA) as well as a State of the
Plone address by both Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan. Other talkers 
include: Chris McDonough from Zope Corp., Andy McKay and Laura Trippi.
Most of the core Plone developers, will be in attendance.  The goal
is to give participants a good view on how Plone and supporting 
technologies are being used in the "Real World", whilst having a bit of 

    Registration is now online (using Paypal).  You can reach it by
http://plone.org/events/conferences/1/registration .  Accomodations are
left to the participants (there are suggestions on the conference page).
We will support the conference infrastructure and recommend places
to socalize at after the conference.  Come out to the conference and
engross yourself into Plone for three days.

    Don't miss the early bird discounts on registration and tutorials!

    Register Now!

    The First Plone Conference homepage - 

The Plone Team