[Zope-Annce] Zwiki version 0.16.0 released

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Sun, 02 Mar 2003 07:56:17 -0800

The "Ack! I forgot" release. Cheers, -Simon


    CMF skin updates, various mail tweaks to support mailing list
    integration, enhancements to comment behaviour, WWML,
    misc. bugfixes.


  Skins and content

    * enhancements and fixes to the CMF support and zwiki_cmf skin
    from the nzo project - title fix, wiki folder edit view, don't
    create standard_error_message in CMF, CMF-style edit form, other
    skin updates. (Sidnei da Silva, LaloMartins)

    * dropped zwiki_orig skin
    * default skin: subject field, always post with heading,
    tweaked page management form

    * more compact comment headings

    * add discussion icon to comment headings in a CMF site


    * mailout all comments, regardless of use_heading flag

    * with multiple bracketed strings in a subject, use the right-most

    * mailin.py: support for preventing duplicates when using a
    mailing list, commented out; 

    * generate list id header from mail_from, not mail_replyto

    * new mail_signature property to override mailout footer

    * new mail_page_name boolean property to disable page name in

    * mailin.py: parse boolean options correctly

    * don't add extra spaces in mailout subjects

    * log reason for mailout failures


    * WWML: fixed a couple of little bugs and added a couple of little
    extra markups. (PeterMerel)

    * comment(): a non-blank comment subject now enables the heading
    if use_heading is not already true

    * preserve parentage when pages are renamed (IssueNo0168)

    * fixed a strange problem with catalog()

    * fix Localizer ustr NameError caused by non-unicode zope or unit

    * testing support - don't append or mail out comments with [test]

    * test modules re-organized