[Zope-Annce] CMFPortalLayout-0.1b1 released !

Gitte Wange gitte@mmmanager.org
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 16:11:40 +0200


Today we released the first beta version of CMF Portal Layout.
=46rom the release announce on zope.org:
"CMF Portal Layout is kind of like CMF Porlets. The idea is that you can=20
define a portal layout by defining rows and columns and filling these up wi=
"Layout items" (like portlets).

Layout can be applied to folderish content, and defines the layout for the=
folder and subfolders. Layout on a folder can be overwritten and changed=20
depending on permissions, on a subfolder.

At top level, manager can "lock" certain rows or columns, or selected layou=
items in rows and columns. Manager also defines a "Main slot", where conten=
is presented. Rows and colums definitions are then used to generate the ZPT=
templates for the site.

User can change the layout of their memberfolder, by adding rows and column=
to their main slot, and add or remove layout items to the existing layout, =
the inherited layout items aren't locked."

The product can be downloaded at=20

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