[Zope-Annce] MyMediaManager 1.2rc1 released

Gitte Wange gitte@mmmanager.org
Wed, 21 May 2003 12:05:06 +0200

We are moving closer to the next, stable version of My Media Manager !!!

Since we changed to the plugin structure, there have been only minor API 
changes. But the GUI has changed a lot, and we are getting closer and closer 
to a very userfriendly GUI.

Now you will find the Edit Suite a lot easier to use, because we have gathered 
the most central information in there - easy to access.
Using more than one media server is also easy to setup now - with different 
encoder start times.

We schedule the final version to be released within a few weeks!

Find the release candidate at 

Gitte Wange
Technical Manager

Email: gitte@mmmanager.org
Web: http://www.mmmanager.org
Tlf: +45 36 46 20 02

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