[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.24 released, zope.org release scripts available

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Nov 1 19:59:54 EST 2003

Zwiki 0.24 has been released. Release notes copied below, more 
information at http://zwiki.org .

Also, those of you doing product releases on zope.org may find the 
release automation rules in http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/Makefile useful.

Best wishes



     Upgrade notes

         Reminder: the plone skin disables DTML-based pages (like
	RecentChanges) by default now. If you wish to enable those
         you'll need to remove the ZWiki/skins/zwiki_plone/no_dtml.dtml
         file after an upgrade.

	In the ZMI add menu, "ZWiki Web" is now just "ZWiki".



	* change ZMI add menu's 'Wiki' to 'ZWiki', to locate it back
	  beside 'ZWiki Page'

	* hide the WWML page type option by default in cmf/plone, by
	  installing an allowed_page_types property on the portal folder
	  during install (for limi)

	* make new hierarchy methods more robust when a page has bogus
	  parents; also, check new parents more carefully. reparent() now
	  also accepts fuzzy page names & ids, removes duplicates, and
	  leaves parents sorted. The backlinks form's parent text field
	  now interprets the string as a single page name, like the page
	  management form.  (IssueNo0633, IssueNo0634)

	* context(with_siblings=1) no longer includes the current page's
	  children, which I think was a regression. (IssueNo0629)

	* fix missing import that confused error messages during upgrades

	* log individual page upgrade errors in upgradeAll rather than
	  aborting the whole process

	* log STX rendering errors (eg from tables) rather than breaking
	  the page

	* added/cleaned up tests, all tests pass again, the
	  CMF/Plone-specific tests now work with (and require) plone 2 and
	  all it's dependencies.

	* dublin core fixes, so wiki pages should show correct
	  modification time, ownership etc. in CMF/Plone

       Skins and content

	* allow access to diff screens (but not full history button)
	  without 'View history' permission

	* the access key for backlinks is now L everywhere

	* zwiki_plone: tidy up wikinav_portlet a little

       Mail and messages

	* fixed never-encountered bug in subscriber list upgrading

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