[Zope-Annce] Archetypes 1.2.0-beta3 Released

Sidnei da Silva sidnei at awkly.org
Thu Nov 13 12:53:21 EST 2003

We are proud to present the beta 3 release of Archetypes 1.2.0. This
release includes the following improvements, in no particular order:

 - Added two new classes: BaseContentMixin and BaseFolderMixin which
   are exactly like BaseFolder and BaseContent, but without the
   ExtensibleMetadata. In fact, they are BaseFolder and BaseContent
   stripped down and BaseFolder and BaseContent just subclass them.

 - BaseObject now uses getCharset to consistently use the portal
   charset in all places where unicode is used.

 - Added tests for External Editor integration. Make sure a BaseUnit
   is always returned.

 - Merged patch by Ricardo Lemmi for GadflyStorage.

 - Fixed unicode tests that were broken

 - Added a few marshaller tests (to check that both a .doc and a .rst
   file are uploaded and retrieved correctly by default)

 - Fixed BaseObject.get_size() to behave correctly w/ regards to
   DateTime fields and other fields that are not easily measureable

 - Added an optional 'values' keyword argument to processForm which
   has preference over REQUEST.form

 - Various improvements on schema migration, thanks to Geoff Davis

 - DisplayList is now publically accessible. That means you can import
   it from Script (Python)

With those changes, Archetypes is now quickly approaching a final and
stable release.

This release no more includes a CVS checkout of
PortalTransforms, since a release has been made last week. Instead,
you can get PortalTransforms from this location:


See the PortalTransforms announcement here:


OTOH, this release includes ArchGenXML, which is a tool to generate
Archetypes-enabled products from UML diagrams. From ArchGenXML README:

  ArchGenXML is a commandline utility that generates Plone
  applications based on the Archetypes framework from XMI (UML) and
  XSD (XMLSchema) files.

  It is tested with the XMI output from the following tools:
  ObjectDomain, Sybase PowerDesigner, ArgoUML, Poseidon, KDE's

The Archetypes tarball can found at:


Have fun and please report any bugs you may find at the Archetypes SF


Thank you for listening!

On behalf of the Archetypes Team,

Sidnei da Silva <sidnei at awkly.org>
http://awkly.org - dreamcatching :: making your dreams come true

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		-- Thomas Gray

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