[Zope-Annce] Re: Epoz 1.0 released!

Guido Wesdorp guido at infrae.com
Fri Nov 21 13:45:11 EST 2003

Epoz 1.0 released!

The Epoz team is proud to present version 1.0 of Epoz, a
'document-centric' client-side editor for Mozilla, Netscape and
Internet Explorer. Epoz is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You
Get) editor written in JavaScript, and was originally created by
Maik Jablonski. This version has been completely rewritten by Paul
Everitt, Guido Wesdorp and Philipp von Weitershausen (and several
other contributors, for a complete list refer to the CVS log on

The objective of the rewrite was to improve stability and
extensibility and make it usable as an editor for content
management platforms such as Silva. Epoz can be also used in
combination with Zope, Plone (although integration code won't be
complete until version 1.1) and all webservers that support the
HTTP PUT command. The Epoz rewrite was sponsored by Infrae, the
makers of Silva.

Epoz is:

    o  Easy to integrate - Epoz can be easily integrated into Zope
based servers as well as non-Zope webservers. Currently there is
integration code for Zope 2, Zope 3, and Silva. We hope to add
code for integrating Epoz into Apache, MMBase, Interchange, and
more in the near future.

    o Easy to customize and extend - Epoz can be customized and
extended in several ways. For simple modifications much of the
configuration can be set as attributes on the editor iframe, while
buttons, tools and layout can be changed via the CSS. For larger
customizations there's a simple JavaScript plugin API, and also
the core has a clean and solid architecture to allow full

    o High-tech and up-to-date - Epoz uses CSS in favor of HTML
for layout and presentation. It supports asynchronous saving to
the server. It sets event handlers from code instead of from the
HTML (excepting the toolbar), which makes the code a lot cleaner.
It uses DOM functionality to build up HTML. On those and other
fronts it tries to use the most modern standardized techniques
available on all supported browsers to ensure a good
user-experience and clean code.

Epoz can be downloaded from the project page on SourceForge:
There is a mailinglist:
as well as an issuetracker to report bugs:
If you have a bug to report, please post it on the issuetracker
after first checking it hasn't already been reported.

If you'd like to contribute to Epoz, either with JavaScript
patches or plugins or with integration code, or if you have a
question or remark, please post a message on the mailinglist.

The Epoz team would like to thank the following people and

- Maik Jablonski for starting the project and inspiration
- Infrae for sponsoring the project
- The ETH university in Zürich for feedback and sponsoring Infrae
- Holger Krekel for allowing us to use his infrastructure
- All beta testers and everybody who has contributed to the

We hope Epoz is a nice experience and that you will enjoy using it
as much as we did writing it!


the Epoz team


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