[Zope-Annce] COREBlog 0.51b - Zope Weblog Product

Atsushi Shibata shibata at webcore.co.jp
Tue Oct 28 02:38:16 EST 2003

COREBlog 0.51b has been released !


COREBlog is a Zope Blog/Weblog/Web Nikki Product.
Easy to setup,Full featured,Ubiquitous and Customizable!
And now it has a 'moblog' feature - you can add a new entry via email!


* Moblog - you can add new entry via email (New in 0.5b)
* PING to weblogs.com, etc. (New in 0.5b)
* Entries(Articles) 
* Comments 
* Categories 
* TrackBack 
* Object management with ZMI 
* Calendar interface 
* Weblog customization with skin system 

Have fun :-).

Atsushi Shibata
shibata at webcore.co.jp

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