[Zope-Annce] DirectoryStorage 1.1.4

Toby Dickenson toby at tarind.com
Mon Sep 8 22:53:46 EDT 2003

Announcing DirectoryStorage 1.1.4. This is the first release where the 
majority of changes have been driven by the user community... Is this a sign 
of DirectoryStorage maturity?

This release fixes several bugs:

1. DirectoryStorage could deadlock ZEO under high load. Thanks to James E. 
Blair for reporting this and testing the fix.

The deadlock occurs in code which provides guarantees relating to the 
timestamps of files in snapshot mode. This release fixes the deadlock by 
dropping support for file timestamp guarantees. Please read the changelog if 
you are relying on file timestamps during snapshots (for example, if you are 
using your own custom incremental backup solution) and raise any questions on 
dirstorage-users at lists.sourceforge.net

2. Fixed Overflow error in checkds when calculating statistics of very large 
storages. Thanks to Paul Winkler for reporting the problem and providing the 

3. Fixed incorrect import when generating an error message. Also thanks to 
Paul Winkler.

This release has not been through my personal QA process due to a hardware 
failure on the workstation where I usually run those tests, therefore I am 
labelling this as a beta release for now. I would be grateful for any 


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