[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.22 released

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Thu Sep 11 00:52:45 EDT 2003

Summary: Memory efficiency/performance/scalability improvements; simpler 
page types and DTML control; zwiki_plone and default skin updates; 
wikimail tweaks; STX images; bugs, fixes, features.

Quite a lot going on! Good luck. See http://zwiki.org and
http://zwiki.org/ReleaseNotes for download and details. I hope to sort 
out my zope.org publishing process soon.

I'm happy to announce that zope.org and plone.org are now using 
mainstream Zwiki. This is a big milestone. There have been a number of 
installation issues with the zope.org wikis but these are being 
addressed (thanks webmasters).

Also I think Zwiki may be coming up on it's 5th birthday around now..

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