[Zope-Annce] Zogger 0.9 Released

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Mon Sep 22 02:51:16 EDT 2003

[Edited to include download site -- Terry]

Zogger is a "Zope Ogg Player"

Actually it seems to play mp3s too.  This is really the 
work of jlguiapplet, an applet from "JavaZOOM", which is 
basically a WinAMP/XMMS clone that runs as an applet.

Zogger deploys the player and acts as a song folder in
Zope, holding "Audio Track" objects which are expected
to be ogg or mp3 files.  A subfolder, "skins" contains .wsz
(winamp-compatible) files which control the appearance
of the applet.  The default skin in Zogger is AcquaXMMS,
by DOlson, which happens to look fairly good with the
default Zope/ZMI color scheme, but the skin can be changed
simply by uploading a desired skin and setting the "skin"
property of Zogger.

Embedding the applet is as trivial as using a Zope image,
and uses the same basic mechanism, so you can use a line

<dtml-var songs>

where "songs" is a Zogger instance.

Zogger is licensed under the GPL and includes the 
jlguiapplet (LGPL) and default skin (GPL).  It is a
pure-python Zope Product, and has no special

The jlguiapplet is for "Java 2", so the user will need to 
install the Java plugin for their browser (this appears to 
happen automatically with Internet Explorer, BTW).

Get Zogger 0.9 at:

This is "version 0" code, because there are a number of 
basic features missing:

-- Audio Track files are *assumed* to be audio data. No
   checking of the file format is done. The results of
   loading something else are not defined.

-- No meta data is extracted from the Audio Track files,
   so the automatically generated song titles are simply
   the Zope title, and the track length is not correct.

These limitations are largely because I don't currently
have pyogg/pyvorbis installed on my Zope server, but
it shouldn't really be hard to add these features --
I think Audio Track *should* try to load the meta data
from the Ogg file as Zope properties (or at least
attributes), but it doesn't do this yet.

However, it does seem to work reasonably well, and I
have deployed Zogger on my personal site at:


Which is why I wrote it, in fact. ;-)


Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

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