[Zope-Annce] [Ann] ManagableIndex 0.9 -- flexible indexing construction framework with Field-, Keyword-, Range- and WordIndex

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Aug 4 16:03:10 EDT 2004

ManagableIndex is a flexible framework to build efficient and
easily customizable indexes.

It comes with flexible, efficient and easily tailorable
Field-, Keyword-, Range- and WordIndexes.

New in version 0.9:

  *  most string and unicode indexes (exception <code>RangeIndex</code>)
     now support glob and regular expression matching.

     Usually, only text indexes support glob matching.

     No other Zope index types (I know of) support regular
     expression matching.

  *  a new WordIndex -- which is a minimal TextIndex without
     phrase searches, relevance ranking and integrated query parser.

     Its development was motivated by the observation that
     full text searches were slowed down immensely by
     loading large amounts of word frequency information
     (used for relevance ranking). This same information
     also caused transactions of almost 700 MB for
     documents of a few kB. As we sort all results
     by other criteria, the overhead for the unused
     relevance ranking was far too high.

     A WordIndex is expected to have minimal transaction sizes
     (during indexing) and minimal load times (during searching).

     As it does not include its own query parser, you need
     a flexible external query framework such as
     'AdvancedQuery' or 'CatalogQuery' to make effective use
     of a WordIndex.

More information and download:


Note: This may be the last version with its current open source
unrestricted use license. I consider whether I will expressly
forbid the use of my software by institutions of the
European Union (Councel of Ministers, Commission, Parliament, ...).
This is in protest against a recent decision of the
Councel to make software patentable. This decision
ignores a Parliament vote that pleaded to keep logic (algorithms,
business rules) un-patentable.


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