[Zope-Annce] Zope/Python Users of Washington, DC: Zope/Plone Meeting on 8/16

Joel Burton joel at joelburton.com
Fri Aug 13 16:08:17 EDT 2004

ZPUGsters & everyone else:

The next meeting of the Zope/Python Users Group of Washington, DC, is 
next Monday, at 7pm, at the usual location in downtown DC.

Our topics are:

  - Cyrus Karbassiyoon, on the intranet he just launched for Gentry 
Locke Rakes and Moore LLP. He'll be talking about why they chose Plone, 
how they built the site, and what they learned. This should be excellent 
if you're considering Plone for upcoming projects.

  - Paul Boos, of SAIC, will be talking about the general process of 
getting software certified for governmental use, and about general tips 
for bidding on or performing government work.

Upcoming schedule:

We have meetings twice a month: the first Thursday (a Python-in-general 
meeting) and the third Monday (Zope/Plone/other 

Our future meetings are:

- Th, 9/2 (Python meeting). Topics TBD.

- Mo, 9/20 (Zope/Plone meeting). Topics TBD.

- Th, 10/7 (Python meeting). Topic: "Using Spambayes in a Unix/Linux 
environment for the Python-Oriented" (Scott Burns). Mini-presentation: TBD.

- Mo, 10/18 (Zope/Plone meeting). Topic: TBD. Mini-presentation: "Re-cap 
of Plone Conference II" (Joel Burton).

All meetings are in downtown DC, convenient to mass transporation, at 
7pm. Directions at http://zpugdc.org/meetings/pn.


Please consider signing up for a presentation; we'd love to hear about 
projects you're working on, features of Zope/Plone/Python you use, 
interesting add-ons you want to talk about, or nearly anything else of 
interest to us!

Also, if you haven't done so, please sign-up for our mailing list at 


- j.

Joel Burton, for the Zope/Python Users Group of DC
info at zpugdc.org

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