[Zope-Annce] [ANN] MailBoxer 3.3 released

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski at uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Aug 31 04:35:34 EDT 2004


I've just released a new version of MailBoxer (3.3).

# What is MailBoxer?

MailBoxer is a mailinglist-/ newsletter-/ mailarchive-framework for Zope 
and is easy to use and customize. MailBoxer runs all mailinglists of the 
German Zope User Group (www.dzug.org) with several hundred subscriptions 
and mails per day.

# Where can I see MailBoxer working?

Have a look at the zope at zope.org-archives mirrored by MailBoxer:

# Where can I download MailBoxer?


# What changed in 3.3?

- added support for Jens Vagelpohls MaildropHost
so MailBoxer works transactional (no more doubled mails due to
read-/write-zodb-conflicts). Using MaildropHost is the RECOMMENDED
setup for MailBoxer from now on!!!
Thanks to Jens for a really great product, which should be the
default MailHost-Product in Zope!

- added a customizable view (mail_approve) with pending requests
for moderation. Please use this template instead of the
old plain-text messages.
If no template is found, MailBoxer falls back to the old plain-texts.
I'll drop this fall-back behaviour in one of the next releases.

- added a unique id for queued messages, so a accidentially page-reload
won't approve / discard a newly arrived mail.

- added a unique message-id for each mail which is bulked to the list,
so problems under some setups with cross-posts to several lists
should be gone. Thanks to Christian Theune and his inital
"5-minute-hacked-patch", which needed some improvements.
Hope you like it this way, Christian...;)

- fixed bug: if the url given to the smtp2zope.py is not found (404)
(maybe some typo in the alias-file), the mail is bounced with
"user-doesn't-exist" and not(!) queued by the MTA anymore for
a next retry. Thanks to Christian Theune for patch!

- fixed bug: the mail-bulk-code was protected with a "historical"
try-except, which could result in loss of emails when something
went wrong while talking to the smtp-server.

- fixed bug: the smtp-connection is now closed / reopened after each
batch, so MTAs which only accept a limited number of mails per 
connection won't defer your mails anymore.

- fixed bug: under some wired circumstances the Mail in the REQUEST
wasn't marshalled as string by Zope, so string-operations were broken
on the mail-data. Added a getMailFromRequest()-method which does
the string-conversion, so we always have a string.
Thanks to Dirk Datzert for tracking this down!

- fixed bug: searchMailBoxerArchive() used unrestrictedTraverse for
traversing the Catalog. Changed to restrictedTraverse.

- some minor refactorings & code-cleanups.

Happy mailboxing,

Cheers, Maik

Maik Jablonski
Universität Bielefeld - Zentrum für Lehrerbildung

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