[Zope-Annce] ZSQLcryptDA

Ng Pheng Siong phengsiong at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 13:30:05 EST 2004


I'm pleased to announce ZSQLcryptDA, a Zope database adaptor for
SQLcrypt. SQLcrypt is a commercial enhancement of SQLite that provides
transparent AES encryption.

Download ZSQLcryptDA and PySQLcrypt here:


This is a commercial demo: It works, but the underlying demo SQLcrypt
engine also stores the passphrase at the beginning of the database

More info on ZSQLcryptDA:


Feedback is welcome. Cheers.

Ng Pheng Siong <phengsiong at gmail.com> 

http://sandbox.rulemaker.net/ngps -+- M2Crypto, ZServerSSL for Zope, Blog
http://www.sqlcrypt.com/             -+- Transparent AES Encryption for SQLite

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