[Zope-Annce] [ANN] PloneCollectorNG 1.1.1 released

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Tue Feb 10 10:34:18 EST 2004

I am pleased to announce the release of **PloneCollectorNG 1.1.1 final 

PCNG is a bugtracking system for Plone. It is based on the concepts and
ideas of CMFCollector and CMFCollectorNG but it is a complete re-write.

PCNG is a very generic and open framework (you can configure nearly
everything TTW).

This release **REQUIRES Archetypes AT 1.3**. **Older Archetypes versions
(including 1.2.1) WILL NOT WORK**.  This major step was necessary because
a lot of Archetypes hacks in PCNG 1.0.0 were backported to Archetypes 

Changes since V 1.1.0

    - anonymous users could not submit new issue if participation mode has 
been set to anonymous :-)

    - Issue view:

       - links for full and simple view were displayed on all pagse. They 
appear now only in 'view' mode

       - the 'description' field was displayed as floating text instead as 
formatted text

    - the 'id' field of a collector instance can be changed through 'edit' 
(means you can rename
      the collector). Don't forget to reindex the collector catalog after 
renaming your instance
      (see maintenance tab)

    - !SchemaEditor: the ordering of fields and schematas changed sometimes 
randomly. This is caused
      by the underlaying Schema implementation in Archetypes. V 1.1.1 now 
uses its own Schema implementation
      which resolves this problem. You should use "Update collector schema" 
from the maintenance tab to
      fix this problem. Something like "Schema: ....!PCNGSchema...." should 
be displayed after the update

    - Support for portal_factory added (Persistent collectors and issue 
instances will be created *after*
      the user submits the first form. This feature is optional and can be 
configured through the portal_factory

    - edit forms: the SELECT elements of some edit forms sometimes did not 
show the right value (mostly
      in migrated PCNG instances)...fixed

    - preliminary XML export for issues added (pcng_issue_xml method)

    - misc fixes in the Graphviz code (broken in 1.1.0)

    - i18n code adjusted to official !TranslationService API (thanks for 
Simon Eisenmann and Christian Heimes
      for listening to my needs and endless !PlacelessTranslationService 

    - **ATTENTION:** If you are using !PlacelessTranslationService then it 
is required to update your PTS
      installation to the latest PTS version available from the Collective 
CVS (sf.net/projects/collective).
      A tar-archive with a suitable version can be found in the download 
section of PloneCollectorNG).
      Any other version of PTS will not work and result in errors

Volunteers wanted:

  PloneCollectorNG is fully internationalized. If you want PCNG to support 
your language
  that translate the catalog file (i18n folder) to your language and submit 
it to me.


  Any user should read doc/INSTALL.txt before the installation. Upgraders 
  reinstall the PCNG either through the quickinstall tool or through "Plone 

"Documentation Wiki":http://www.zope.org/Members/ajung/PloneCollectorNG


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