[Zope-Annce] IIS2Zope for serving Zope and Plone from IIS with fast ISAPI action

Mark Laugesen mark at freshlogic.com
Tue Feb 17 06:23:46 EST 2004

Freshlogic announces IIS2Zope, which serves Zope and Plone behind IIS using
fast ISAPI action.

Those of us who want, or must, run Microsoft IIS have not until now had an
elegant or efficient solution for serving Zope. 


PCGI is inefficient because it launches a new process for every request. The
ASP404 solution works, but it does require every request to be interpreted
by the ASP engine. Further, ASP404 requires a 404 error to be triggered in
IIS for every request.

IIS2Zope on the other hand, is fast and efficient. IIS2Zope uses an ISAPI
interceptor to grab requests destined for Zope or Plone. Requests are then
handed over to an ATL Server proxy for serving from Zope. All components are
written in C++ and offer the fastest feasible technique to get that Zope
content to the browser via IIS.

IIS2Zope is free.

See http://freshlogic.net

Or, http://zope.org/Members/freshlogic/index_html

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