[Zope-Annce] [ANN] PloneCollectorNG 1.1.0 final released

Andreas Jung lists at andreas-jung.com
Mon Jan 26 12:00:12 EST 2004

I am pleased to announce the release of PloneCollectorNG 1.1.0 final (PCNG)

PCNG is a bugtracking system for Plone. It is based on the concepts and
ideas of CMFCollector and CMFCollectorNG but it is a complete re-write.

PCNG is a very generic and open framework (you can configure nearly
everything TTW).

This release **REQUIRES Archetypes AT 1.3**. **Older Archetypes versions
(including 1.2.1) WILL NOT WORK**.  This major step was necessary because
a lot of Archetypes hacks in PCNG 1.0.0 were backported to Archetypes 

Changes since 1.1.0 beta 3:

     - several minor unicode problems fixed especially in the migration 

     - minor UI tweaks

     - updated german catalog files

Volunteers wanted:

  PloneCollectorNG is fully internationalized. If you want PCNG to support 
your language
  that translate the catalog file (i18n folder) to your language and submit 
it to me.


  Any user should read doc/INSTALL.txt before the installation. Upgraders 
  reinstall the PCNG either through the quickinstall tool or through "Plone 
  If you are planning to work with the i18n support in PCNG: you *must* 
have the
  latest PlacelessTranslationService version from the OpenTAL CVS. Running 
  version from the Plone Collective will *NOT WORK*. If you complain about 
  related to issues that are covered by the INSTALL.txt you owe me a box 
good french
  white wine!!!

Documentation Wiki:




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