[Zope-Annce] Call for Participation: PyCon DC 2004 Sprints

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jan 27 12:23:28 EST 2004

Call for Participation
PyCon DC 2004 Sprints
March 20-23, 2004


The Python Software Foundation is sponsoring four days of sprints before
PyCon -- Saturday through Tuesday.  We invite developers to attend the
sprints.  We will provide space and network connectivity for developers
who want to work on open source projects.

A sprint is a two or three day focused development session, in which
developers pair in a room and focus on building a particular subsystem.
A sprint is organized with a coach leading the session. The coach sets
the agenda, tracks activities, and keeps the development moving. The
developers work in pairs using XP's pair programming approach.

We have several sprints already planned, including
   - Docutils and reStructuredText
   - Plone
   - Twisted topics
   - Zope 2 and Zope 3
   - Python core development

If you are interested in participating in a sprint, please send mail to
the appropriate sprint coach or to me.  Developers of all experience
levels are welcome.  We are also looking for coaches for other sprints
topics; if you have an idea, post it in the Wiki or send me an email. 
The PSF will waive PyCon registration fees for coaches of sprints with
at least two attendees.

Hope to see you there,
Jeremy Hylton
PyCon sprint chair

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