[Zope-Annce] DirectoryStorage 1.1.10 beta

Toby Dickenson toby at tarind.com
Tue Jul 6 18:34:43 EDT 2004

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Announcing DirectoryStorage 1.1.10 beta

Full changelog below. The highlight of this release is that you no longer need 
to explicitly use the snapshot.py command for running tools such as backup 
and checkds. They will manage snapshot mode themselves. Remember those 
unwieldy long command line examples in the backup howto? Gone.

Ive marked this release as a beta. It should all be backwards compatible with 
1.1.x, but the changes are a little deeper than I normally like to make in a 
maintenance release. Please take care.

No serious bugs are fixed in this release.

Changes in 1.1.10

  Several enhancements - all fully backwards compatible except
  this first one:

  Changed the meaning of relative filenames in snapshot.conf
  to be relative to the directory containing the snapshot.conf
  file, rather than relative to the current working directory.
  Note that this is a potentially incompatible change from all
  previous versions.

  Enhanced the checkds.py and backup.py scripts so that you no
  longer need to explicitly use the snapshot.py tool to launch
  them.... They can force the storage into snapshot mode
  themselves. The use of snapshot.py is still recommended if
  you are scripting these tools - it supports retrys if
  snapshot mode is not available immediately, and allows
  more than one tool to be run inside the one snapshot. 
  Rationalized the command line for snapshot.py. It now uses
  the same switches as auto-snapshot-mode feature of checkds.py
  and backup.py. All old scripts using old command line switches
  will continue to work as before.
  Enhanced snapshot.py so that it can use direct file access to
  put the storage into snapshot mode (even when Zope is not
  running). This is the default method if snapshot.conf can
  not be opened. If you have an existing snapshot.conf and want
  to enable this option, add a line containing the one word 
  'direct' on the end of snapshot.conf

  Changed backup tool to take a copy of the configuration
  directory as part of a full backup. Previously it only took
  a copy of the data directory.
  Several recent changes (in 1.1.8 and 1.1.7) to provide more
  robust replication for storages that receive infrequent
  writes caused problems for ZODB unit tests. These extra
  safety precautions have been inhibited when run under a
  unit test.
  Changed base class of DirectoryStorageError exception
  from POSException.POSError to POSException.StorageError.
  This solves some minor problems with ZODB unit tests by
  being closer to the behaviour of BDBStorage.
  Added Storage.py.... a new wrapper module to simplify
  access to DirectoryStorage. You no longer need to seperately
  construct the Filesystem and Full objects. Changed setup.py
  and example_custom_zodb.py to use it.

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