[Zope-Annce] External Editor 0.8

Casey Duncan casey at zope.com
Tue Jul 13 15:27:02 EDT 2004

It is my esteemed honor to announce the lastest and greatest version of
external editor, striving to make editing through-the-web more
tolerable, if not pleasurable. Version 0.8 brings several new features
as well as some nice bug fixes. Many of the enhancements were
contributed by users of EE, and I thank you!

Changes for 0.8:

    - Add external editor icon to ZMI breadcrumbs for editable objects.

    - Compiled windows helper app binary using Python 2.3.4, Pythonwin
      build 163 and py2exe 0.5.

    - Add Dreamweaver plugin contributed by Manuel Aristarann. Thanks
      also to Anton Stonor.

    - Add ZMI support for Zope 2.7's ordered folder objects.      

    - Fix bug detecting basic auth info from older versions of
      CookieCrumber. Thanks to David D. Smith and Federico Sevilla III.

    - Workaround IE browser error when running over SSL. Thanks to 
      Marc-Aurele Darche.

    - Add ".zem" file extension support for MacOS X (especially Mac IE),
      to ease helper app integration where MIME support is lacking.
      Thanks to Zac Bir.

    - Added "long_file_name" and "file_name_separator" config options.

    - Fixed bug which happened under Win32 when editing an Excel file
      using the Excel plugin where the symptom was a "Call was
      rejected by callee" COM error. Thanks to Chris McDonough.



What is External Editor?

EE is a Zope product and client-side browser helper application which
allows you to edit Zope objects (content, scripts, templates, even
images) with the client-side applications of your choice. Once
configured, you can click on the external edit icon for an object in
your browser and the application to edit that object will be launched
automatically. When you save the changes, EE will automagically upload
the data back to Zope in the background. EE also supports locking to
prevent accidental overwriting resulting from concurrent editing.

EE integrates with the ZMI and is easy to incorporate into your own
applications. Several Zope applications already support EE, including



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