[Zope-Annce] Issue Dealer 0.9.36 released

Morten W. Petersen morten at nidelven-it.no
Wed Jun 9 09:53:03 EDT 2004

Issue Dealer <http://www.nidelven-it.no/products/issue_dealer#enterprise> is
an issue  management tool featuring a weblog publisher (client), weblog (server), 
WYSIWYG editing of HTML and Images and more.  See more at the product 
page: http://www.nidelven-it.no/products/issue_dealer

Changes since the last zope-announce announcement:


  - Refactored code
  - Fixed bugs related to permissions
  - Created four levels of permissions and access
  - Added a page for editing permissions; the Issue
    Dealer can now used for public (anonymous access)


  - Added support for the multi-ping service pingomatic.com
  - Removed tree settings from the settings menu
  - Added size limit to issues listed in search results
  - Fixed message display bug


  - Refactored code
  - Re-enabled the publisher button


  - Fixed broken issue editing in issue browsing mode
  - Fixed broken title on weblog entry view
  - Fixed broken links on session menu
  - Refactored code
  - Fixed broken remote on weblog


  - Fixed bug on the browse template where contents would
    be rendered as escaped HTML
  - Fixed broken filters template
  - Fixed broken search filters

  - Fixed bug where session objects were unavailable due
    to a missing catalog statement
  - Fixed permissions bugs
  - Fixed search bug where initial result would be empty
  - Moved most of the interfaces from DTML to page templates
  - General code cleanup


  - Made search defaults more sensible
  - Fixed bug where URLs containing a + were improperly parsed
    in text formatted issues
  - Enabled editing of the entire weblog stylesheet
  - Added a search interface on the weblog entry view
  - Added extra CSS classes for blog entries


  - Merged in the WebDAV Publisher from the Enterprise branch


  - Fixed show/hide closed button bug on the tree view
  - Fixed broken rendering of contents in browse mode
  - Fixed broken image editing in browse mode

If you're interested in trying a demo, sign up at the demo site 
<http://demos.issue-dealer.net>. To see the Issue Dealer Weblog Server
in action, have a look at The Blogologue  <http://www.blogologue.com/>. :)

Nidelven IT <http://www.nidelven-it.no> and  others use the product to
manage their knowledge and action items, it's a great tool to keep track
issues in different departments for example.  Try it! ;)

If you're interested in contributing or starting a community around this 
product, let me know!



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