[Zope-Annce] Epoz 0.8.0 released

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski at uni-bielefeld.de
Sun Mar 7 10:25:39 EST 2004


I've just released Epoz 0.8.0, which brings some often requested features
(anchors, relative urls) and some fixes for the upcoming Plone-2-release.

Epoz is a cross-browser wysiwyg-editor for Zope & Plone & CPS & etc.pp..
Epoz works with current IE & Mozilla-based browsers and can easily be
integrated into own applications.

Download Epoz at:


Demo for Epoz (sorry, still 0.7.4, no time to update yet...;):


Just a personal note: Some people are still irritated about another project
called Epoz(NG) (with major release numbers). EpozNG is a kind of fork of
Epoz (with minor release numbers), but should be considered as a new
project which only shares the name with the former Epoz and will be renamed
soon. Development will go on for Epoz and EpozNG.


     - added support for uTidylib (http://utidylib.sourceforge.net/);
       Thanks to Shane Hathaway from Zope Corporation for his
       patches!!! Please note: there are still some problems with UTF8;
       maybe someone can provide a patch?
     - rearranged the Javascript so that it's not necessary to 
       "auto"-switch to source mode when saving. Thanks 
       again to Shane Hathaway from Zope Corporation for his patches!!!
     - added pageurl-parameter to Epoz; pageurl defines the base
       url of the edited page. The pageurl is forwarded to Epoz(Post)Tidy,
       so you can rewrite urls according to the given base url.
       **PLEASE NOTE:** You must add an additional parameter
       if you use EpozPostTidy-Hooks in your applications.
     - added support for adding anchors; works very nice with Mozilla, IE
       doesn't show the css-styles. IE is crap anyway...
       Thanks to Christian Theune from Gocept for his patches!!!

     - added global support (EpozGetRelativeUrl) for calculating relative
       urls from absolute urls; Thanks to Gilles Lenfant for this feature! 
       Please see README.txt for how to enable this feature.
     - added simple example for EpozPostTidy-Hook to README.txt.

     - added danish-translation; thanks to Nikolay Kim!!!
     - fixed bug: IE couldn't handle anchors; added base-tag to
       epoz_blank_iframe.html. Thanks to Stefanie Panke pointing
       me to this problem.

     - changed default height of the edit form in Plone to be a more 
       sensible 450px (limi).
     - removed annoying pop-up saying "Your browser does not support 
       XML-RPC" from the JS. If it doesn't, we degrade anyway - no reason
       to insult the user. ;) (limi)

     - fixed epoz_toolbox to use 'sanctioned' calls for meta_types. Thanks
       to Marc Lindahl for patch!!!
     - wysiwyg_support was causing a wierd error when used 
       inside CMFBoard sometimes (Attribute Error: meta_type). Traced it to
       test of text_format. test() evaluates both true and false branches. 
       Restructured it to fix the problem.  Thanks to Marc Lindahl for 
     - fixed tabindex for Plone (limi)

     - added class="visualFontSizeCorrection" to body-tag of 
       epoz_blank_iframe.html; mostly needed for displaying correct 
       font-sizes for the wysiywg-area in Plone 2.0. Please note: To use 
       this with older Plones, add 
       visualFontSizeCorrection { font-size:75%; }
       to your ploneCustom.css (limi)
     - synced default wysiwyg_support with Plone 2.0.
Thanks to all people who provided patches & ideas!

Keep zoped,

Cheers, Maik
Zentrum für Lehrerbildung / Universität Bielefeld

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