[Zope-Annce] Nuxeo CPS 3.0 final released

Stefane Fermigier sf at nuxeo.com
Tue Mar 9 05:46:21 EST 2004

                     Nuxeo CPS 3.0 final released

    The CPS team at Nuxeo is pleased to announce the final
    release of [1]CPS 3.0.

    This release fixes a few remaining bugs that were found in
    CPS 3.0rc3.

    We wish to thank all the contributors (including the
    translators) and beta testers for their feedback on the beta

About CPS3

    [2]Nuxeo CPS is an extensive collaborative Web content
    management system (CMS) implemented on top of Zope and the
    CMF, that enables organizations to easily, quickly and
    efficiently implement collaborative intranet, extranet or
    internet applications.

    In addition to the standard Zope / CMF services, CPS
      * Platform-independent authoring and publishing, including
        a WYSIWYG editor mode
      * Workspaces and publication sections:
           + User elaborate content in workspaces
           + Content is published in sections after reviewer
           + Each section has its own workflow process, possibly
             with different reviewers
      * Interface customization and personalization using boxes
        (aka "portlets")
      * Through the Web document type creation:
           + Document definition using schemas, layouts and
           + Flexible documents
           + Widgets include WYSIWYG editor using Epoz, date
             selection, internal links selection, etc.
           + Form validation
           + File indexing using external plugins
      * Document versionning and archiving (check-in /
        check-out) so you can work on published documents and
        submit a new version without unpublishing them first
      * Interface internationalization (currently supported
        languages: english, french, italian (thanks to Paolo
        Dina), dutch (thanks to Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
      * Content internationalisation with independent workflows
        for different document translations
      * Powerful group-based user management, optionally based
        on LDAP or a PKI
      * Workflow improvements (local workflows, built in
      * Third-party components integration, including the
        popular [3]CPSSkins project by JM Orliaguet

   Who uses it ?

    CPS 3 is being used by Nuxeo, its partners and other
    entities in several high-profile projects. CPS3 has already
    been adopted as a standard offering by market-leading IT
    companies Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Unilog, Steria and

    We will provide, after we get appropriate clearance from our
    customers, more information about some of those projects in
    the form of case studies.

Getting it and getting involved

    Download it on
    [4]http://zope.org/Members/nuxeo/Products/CPS3. CPS 3.0 has
    been tested with Zope 2.6.1, 2.6.2, 2.6.4 and 2.7.0. It is
    known not to work with Zope 2.6.3.

    Discuss it on the [5]cps-devel (developers), [6]cps-users
    (english-speaking users) and [7]cps-users-fr
    (french-speaking users) mailing lists. Feel free to ask if
    you believe other language-specific mailing list are needed.

    Follow the ongoing development on [8]CVS.

What's next?

    A tentative roadmap for CPS 3.1 will be presented and
    discussed on the [9]cps-devel mailing list.

    Meanwhile, maintenance releases for CPS 3.0 will be made
    available on a regular basis.

   Planned features

    Here is a list of features we plan to provide either as
    add-ons for CPS 3.0 or in CPS 3.1:
      * New user interface
      * Workflow improvements (stack-based workflow)
      * Migration tool from CPS2 to CPS3 (CPSMigration)
      * Refactored installer (CPSInstaller)
      * MailBoxer integration (CPSMailBoxer)
      * Workflow editor (CPSWorkflowEditor)
      * Groupware tools (CPSCalendar and CPSWebmail)
      * Subscription framework (CPSSubscription) for mailing
        lists, events notification, newsletters...
      * Real-time chat (CPSChat)
      * Syndication support (CPSRSS)
      * Better OpenOffice.org integration
      * [10]ERP5 integration
      * Synchronization, replication and staging
      * Refactorings, cleanups, optimisations
      * Automatic installation on popular OS platforms


    Tutorials and manuals should be available soon. You can
    already [11]browse the API from api.nuxeo.org and read the
    documentation from the docs/ directories in the sources.

    You can also get a nice developers tutorial in french from


    1. http://zope.org/Members/nuxeo/Products/CPS3/
    2. http://zope.org/Members/nuxeo/Products/CPS3
    3. http://www.medic.chalmers.se/%7Ejmo/CPS/
    4. http://zope.org/Members/nuxeo/Products/CPS3
    5. http://lists.nuxeo.com/mailman/listinfo/cps-devel
    6. http://lists.nuxeo.com/mailman/listinfo/cps-users
    7. http://lists.nuxeo.com/mailman/listinfo/cps-users-fr
    8. http://cvs.nuxeo.org/
    9. http://lists.nuxeo.com/mailman/listinfo/cps-devel
   10. http://www.erp5.org/
   11. http://api.nuxeo.org/CPS3/
   12. http://cps3book.zopefr.org/

Stéfane Fermigier, Tel: +33 (0)6 63 04 12 77 (mobile).
Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server: http://www.nuxeo.com/cps
Gestion de contenu web / portail collaboratif / groupware / open source!

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