[Zope-Annce] MailBoxer 3.2 released

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski at uni-bielefeld.de
Sun Mar 14 12:13:37 EST 2004


today I've released MailBoxer 3.2 - the mailinglist- / newsletter- / 
mailarchive-framework for Zope.

What is a MailBoxer?

  MailBoxer is a lightweight ZOPE-Product to run mailinglists,
  newsletters and mailarchives. Its main idea is to give you an
  extensible framework for building mailinglist-based applications
  with the power of ZOPE. Out of the box it provides a full featured

  MailBoxer runs all mailinglists of the "German Zope User 
  Group" (http://www.dzug.org).

  If you want to see zope at zope.org mirrorerd by MailBoxer, please visit 

     - added authentication-handler to smtp2zope.py; protected all
       public-manage-methods with 'View'-permission. Should be useful
       if you want a more secured MailBoxer. You can now call the 
       smtp2zope.py with an additional authorization
       or set the authorization directly in smtp2zope.py.
       Thanks to Steve McMahon for ideas and patches!!!
     - added additional wrappers called setMailBoxerMailProperty (wraps
       manage_addProperty) and catalogMailBoxerMail (wraps catalob_object)
       for making it easier to derive own subclassed MailBoxers. Thanks to
       Alexandre Fernandez from Nuxeo for pointing me to this!
     - fixed bug: bounce-detection for mails with an empty returnpath
       was broken. Thanks to Nate Aune for helping me tracking this down!!!
     - fixed minor bug in mail_(un)subscribe. Mail-From-Header wasn't
       mime decoded in mail-body.
     - fixed minor bug: no Content-type was set for manage_moderateMail.



  Maik Jablonski

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