[Zope-Annce] TextIndexNG 2.06 released

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Wed Mar 17 05:15:07 EST 2004

I am pleased to announce the release of TextIndexNG V 2.06.

This version fixes a problem with disappearing documents that have been 
It also makes the usage of external converters more safe (see release 
notes). There
is also a new official hook for thrid-party products to expose indexable 
for TextIndexNG2.

Changes since 2.05

  - removed MD5 cache introduced in V 2.03 because of misc reindexing 

  - Converters:

      - TextIndexNG now checks at startup of Zope if the configured 
external converters
        are available (using the 'which' command). A converter will not be 
        if this check fails

      - The converter API introduces a new convert2() method to provide a 
        control over mimetypes and encodings

  - Indexing: Objects can define a hook 'txng_get(attr_list)' to return a 
    '(source, mimetype, encoding)' for better control over the data to be 
    'attr_list' is the list of attribute names configure for this 
particular index

Download it from



Andreas Jung
www.zopyx.com Software-Entwicklung und Consulting Andreas Jung

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