[Zope-Annce] PropertyTools 2.0 released

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski at uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Mar 19 17:44:06 EST 2004


yesterday I've released PropertyTools - the successor of 

What the hell are PropertyTools good for?

If you want to "prototype" object-oriented database-applications with Zope, 
PropertyTools will provide you with handy data-storages. If you get the idea 
behind PropertyTools (and the object-factory-tool AbracadabraObject), you can 
create simple database-applications based on the ZMI within 5 minutes (of 
course you can create complex applications with PropertyTools too, I've done 
some complex apps like univerisity-course-management-systems with lots of 
relations etc. based on PropertyTools in the last months which run nicely in 

If you spend just some additional minutes, you'll be done with a customized 
webapplication within 2 hours...:) Think of PropertyTools-Objects as lockable 
& sortable & workflowable ZMI-propertysheets which can be synchronized via a 
virtual class-attribute (object_type). Additionaly you can define different 
templates for rendering each virtual PropertyTools-class. 

Creating a simple faq-database or a contact-database with PropertyTools can be 
done in minutes, not hours... I'll promise!

What's changed to 1.x?

- Added PropertyFile besides PropertyObject & PropertyFolder

- Added simple demo.zexp (a faq-database) to demonstrate
how to use PropertyTools.

- Updated property-sheets to Zope2.7-templates.

- Refactored all code for managing the propertysheets into
a new Mixin-Class PropertyTools.

- Added additional Top/Buttom-Buttons for ordering properties.
Thanks to Steve McMahon for his patches!

- Fixed a bug in manage_changeProperties. Keyword-Arguments
were broken for empty REQUESTs. Thanks to Abel Deuring!

- Removed support for published-attribute. Added support
for simple workflows based on PythonScripts.

- Removed PropertyObjectDescription.

Where can I download PropertyTools?


(and you should also download)


Keep zoped,

Cheers, Maik

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