[Zope-Annce] [Press Release] eRacks Offers new custom Zope systems

Matt McKenzie- ERacks eracks at eracks.com
Fri Mar 19 20:29:15 EST 2004

eRacks Offers a New Level of Zope Server Customization

Laguna Beach, CA March 18, 2004 - eRacks Open Source Systems recently 
revealed a pioneering extension to its online computer system 
configurator.  Customers are now able to select from a live list of 
software packages to be installed on their server at the time they place 
their order.  eRacks offers a finely-tuned Zope web application server 
customized with selected Zope packages.  These packages are chosen from 
an up-to-date set of components available on zope.org, the official 
website for the Zope community.

eRacks management has indicated that this new level of customization is 
the beginning of an exciting, new trend that enables customers to 
completely customize their hardware and software preferences. Joseph 
Wolff, founder of eRacks explains, "Our goal at eRacks is to return 
control of technology to the enterprise, freeing our customers from 
critical dependence on third-party software vendors, and lowering both 
their cost and risk. This is why we promote open source software and 
customize our servers to such a fine degree. We want to provide that 
head-start advantage to our customers."

In keeping with eRacks' philosophy, the eRacks/ZOPE application server 
is designed for high-performance and reliability.  The server is 
customized to include any set of Zope packages, as well as other 
configurable components. The company's experience with Zope extends from 
its own web server to numerous enterprise-level implementations.

Zope is a Python-based web application server. It features a 
transactional object database, stores both content and code, and enables 
fully dynamic web pages. Its tight security capabilities enable granular 
permission control as well as web-based authoring. Numerous Zope 
components vastly extend the basic set of site building tools.  These 
include connectors to relational databases and other external data 
sources, issue tracking, and e-commerce among others.

The eRacks/ZOPE server is competitively priced and is available at 
www.eRacks.com. To help clients establish new Zope-based applications, 
eRacks also offers professional consulting services.  For detailed 
information, please visit the company website.

About eRacks Open Source Systems

eRacks Open Source Systems is a leading provider of open source 
solutions for the enterprise. The company offers rackmount computer 
servers, desktops, and laptops and provides a wide array of services 
including open source enterprise migration, security, and network 
architecture design. More information on eRacks' products and services 
can be found at www.eRacks.com.

For more information contact:

Tarek H. Elabbadi
Director of Marketing & Sales
eRacks Open Source Systems
info at eRacks.com
phone: +949 376 9220

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