[Zope-Annce] Zope Hosting services by Quintagroup

Myroslav Opyr myroslav at quintagroup.com
Mon May 17 07:52:23 EDT 2004

Quintagroup is proud to announce the launch of the Plone Hosting and 
Zope Hosting services.

Quintagroup offers a fine-tuned server environment. It gives you the 
speed you need for your content management software. The server is 
customized to include any set of Zope packages, as well as other 
configurable components. The company has an experience with Zope extends 
from its own web server to numerous enterprise-level implementations.

Quintagroup offers Zope Hosting and Plone Hosting services:

  * Zope Hosting Shared Package
  * Zope Hosting Instance Package
  * Plone Hosting Shared Package
  * Plone Hosting Instance Package
  * Zope Hosting Corporate Package

The last option provides a totally custom combination of hardware, 
software and consulting that you will need if you intend to use Zope to 
provide an enterprise wide solution.

Our main servers are located in Serverbeach datacenter in San Antonio, 
Texas, known for its great internet connectivity.

Our servers are:
Athlon XP 2,2 GHz with 1Gb RAM
Xeon 2,4GHz with 1Gb RAM
We will add more more and better machines as demand increases.

Operating system:
Our servers are running RedHat Linux 8.0/9.0
We appreciate any comments and ideas you may like to share with us.

About Plone:
Plone is an open source Content Management System for managing 
information and administering content. Plone CMS is backed by Plone 
International, a non-profit organization. The organization holds the 
copyright, and Plone Content Management System is available under a dual 
licencing scheme, GPL and a commercial license. Plone Content Management 
System was founded in 1999 by Alan Runyan (USA), Alexander Limi (Norway) 
and Vidar Andersen (Norway). Now it has core developers in 14 different 
More information, including the Plone source code, is available at 

About Zope:
Zope is a leading Open Source Application Server , specializing in 
content management solutions, portal content management, and custom 
applications. After introducing Zope as an open source product in 1998, 
Zope Corporation has become the platform of choice for content 
publishers, managers, and application developers.
More information, including the Zope source code, is available at 

About Quintagroup:
Quintagroup is a provider of open source content management solutions 
for enterprises. The company offers Zope hosting, Plone hosting, Zope 
development, Plone skin design, Plone implementation services and 
provides a wide variety of services including open source enterprise 
migration, security, and network architecture design.
More information on Quintagroup products and services can be found at 

Myroslav Opyr
quintagroup.com ° Quintessence of modern business
e-mail: myroslav at quintagroup.com <mailto:myroslav at quintagroup.com>

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