[Zope-Annce] [Ann] ManagableIndex 0.5

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun May 30 15:08:50 EDT 2004

ManagableIndex is a flexible indexing framework.

It comes with managable field, keyword and efficient range indexes.

Via the management interface, you can for example configure

  *  how to combine values to be indexed from various attributes

  *  how to normalize terms, e.g. for case insensitive searches

  *  to ignore stop terms to keep your indexes small

  *  to convert terms into an efficient form

     This is how ManagableIndex supports efficient
     "DateTime" and "DateIndexes"

  *  how to handle acquisition and calling of values

New in version 0.5:

  *  "RangeIndex" now efficiently supports improper ranges,
     i.e. ranges with at least one unrestricted boundary,

  *  a "RangeIndex" can now be used as a (partial) plugin
     replacement for CMF's "effective" and "expires" indexes.
     I expect that such a replacement will speed up most CMF

More information and download:


Note: This may be the last version with its current open source
unrestricted use license. I consider whether I will expressly
forbid the use of my software by institutions of the
European Union (Councel of Ministers, Commission, Parliament, ...).
This is in protest against a recent decision of the
Councel to make software patentable. This decision
ignores a Parliament vote that pleaded to keep logic (algorithms,
business rules) un-patentable.


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