[Zope-Annce] Alternative Plone Skins released

Ihor Berehulyak iber at quintagroup.com
Tue Nov 9 09:20:51 EST 2004

Dear Zope Community,

Quintagroup is  proud to announce  the launch of  Alternative Free Plone Skins project.

The *Alternative Free Plone Skins <http://skins.quintagroup.com/free>* 
are freely distributable. You can change offered skins in any way you 
like or need.

You can preview available free skins using left "Navigation" box on 
*Quintagroup Plone Skins <http://skins.quintagroup.com/free>* website. 
You may switch between skins by clicking on corresponding link. There 
you can read the skin overview and follow the link to download the skin.

    BasicGrey <http://basicgrey.skins.quintagroup.com/> skin in grey,
    white and red palette.
    LBlueGrey <http://lbluegrey.skins.quintagroup.com/> skin in grey and
    blue palette.
    BlueGreyCaustic <http://bluegreycaustic.skins.quintagroup.com/> skin
    in grey, white and blue palette. Portlets are modified.
    CreamCaustic <http://creamcaustic.skins.quintagroup.com/> skin in
    grey, white and brown palette. The borders of portlets are dashed.
    LBrownGreen <http://lbrowngreen.skins.quintagroup.com/> skin in
    brown and green palette.

Free Plone Skins include everything needed: the Zope Page Tamplates, CSS 
and images. In other words you will receive a full, ready to setup, new 
design of Plone powered website. Follow provided instructions to install 
the skin you have chosen. Skins are suitable for all types of Plone 

We appreciate any comments and ideas you would like to share with us. 
Help us to improve! Send feedback 
<http://skins.quintagroup.com/feedback> about Plone skins.

About Quintagroup:
    Quintagroup is a provider of open source content management
    solutions for enterprises. The company offers Plone hosting, Zope
    development, Plone skin design, Plone implementation services and
    provides a wide variety of services including open source enterprise
    migration, security, and network architecture design.
    More information about Quintagroup can be found at


Ihor Berehulyak
quintagroup.com - Quintessence of modern business
e-mail:  iber at quintagroup.com

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