[Zope-Annce] emailinzope and atemail checked in to collective

Tim Hicks tim at sitefusion.co.uk
Sun Nov 14 18:19:01 EST 2004


I've just checked two very experimental products into the collective on

'emailinzope' is an SMTP server (based very heavily on Nikolay Kim's
smtpserver code in the collective) that allows ZODB objects to have an
influence over if and how messages are delivered into zope.

'atemail' is provides a set of objects that allow incoming messages from
the emailinzope SMTP server to be received, managed and stored.

There are no 'releases' of these products and I'm only announcing at this
early stage to see if there are any people interested in functionality of
this sort in the hope that code contributions may follow.  The *very*
pre-alpha nature of the code, the rather awkward requirements on the
atemail product (zope 2.8.x and potentially a patched CMF) and the fact
that access to the code is only via CVS checkout means that this
announcement is only likely to be of interest to developers willing to get
their hands a little dirty.

Questions and feedback more than welcome.


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