[Zope-Annce] DavPack 1.0.1 released

Andy McKay andy at enfoldsystems.com
Thu Nov 18 20:06:25 EST 2004

Enfold Systems releases DavPack, a product to "fix" WebDAV support with 

* Large files can be uploaded without huge memory problems (typically an 
80 mb file loaded into Plone via WebDAV causes 160 mb of memory growth). 
This is true for:
     o Standard Plone (CMF) content types
     o Archetypes 1.3 content types
* All property values are consistently encoded for WebDAV requests
* Objects called index_html can be created through WebDAV

All these patches are being submitted to the various maintainers and 
will one day make DavPack irrelevant, but we've released them all as a 
product so you can make use of them immediately.

More information and download:

   Andy McKay
   Enfold Systems

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