[Zope-Annce] Database Architect/Programmer needed

McNeff, Tiffaney TMcNeff at anteon.com
Wed Nov 24 11:44:09 EST 2004

Anteon Corporation is seeking interested applicants for full-time
employment with the qualifications listed to perform the following
duties in our Chesapeake, VA location: 

Participates in the design, maintenance, enhancement, coding, and
administration of relational databases; Analyzes and determines
information needs and elements, data relationships and attributes, data
flow and storage requirements, and data output and reporting
capabilities; Assists on developing data modeling and participates in
data acquisition and access analysis and design, and archive, recovery,
and load strategy design and implementation; Coordinates new data
development ensuring consistency and integration with existing data
warehouse structure; Reviews business requests for data and data usage,
researches data sources for new and better data feeds; Participates in
continuous improvement efforts in enhancing performance and providing
increased functionality; Assists with the development of screens and
queries; Tests designed applications; Assists with upgrades and
maintenance of hardware and software; Maintains current knowledge of
relevant hardware and software applications as assigned. Designs and
codes software components, units, and modules that meet product
specifications and development schedules; performs systems modeling,
simulation, and analysis; tests and debugs assigned components and
units; Participates in large system and subsystem planning; Collaborates
with hardware engineers on machine characteristics that affect software
systems and works with them to resolve incompatibilities; Writes and
updates technical documentation such as user manuals, system
documentation, and training materials; Troubleshoots problems and
provides customer support for software operating systems and application

QUALIFICATIONS: 2-5 years experience and/or a degree in Computer Science
or Engineering.  Experience with Databases (Oracle 9i), SQL (Oracle
flavor), DBA functions in Oracle; Experience in System Administration
with UNIX (Redhat 8.0), Standard system administration, System Security;
Experience in Software Development/Web Development (Zope), DTML, Python
scripts, ZSQL, and product usage, Web site architecture and maintenance;
Knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques used in all phases
of database development, coding, and design, including business
analysis, event modeling, logical and physical database design, data
access analysis and design, DBMS optimization, archive and recovery
strategy, load strategy design and implementation, security, and change
management; Proficiency in the use of one or more specific technologies
may be required, depending on job assignment; ANTEON IS AN EQUAL

Please submit resumes to the following POC.
Tiffaney McNeff
Anteon Corporation
1545 Crossways Boulevard, Suite A
Chesapeake, VA  23454
tmcneff at anteon.com

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