[Zope-Annce] ZPhotoSlides 2.0 released

Jean-François Roche jfroche at jfroche.be
Sun Oct 10 12:10:55 EDT 2004

Hi Zope Community,

The ZPhotoSlides development team is proud to announce ZPhotoSlides 2.0.

Since 6 months ZPhotoSlides changed a lot. We didn't release earlier as we
wanted to release a "strong" new version of the Product.

We made many changes in the code so that it will be easier to use (and to


What is ZPhotoSlides?

ZPhotoSlides is an Image management system for professional or private

ZPhotoSlides will take your photos, thumbnailize them and show them in a
nice environement. Next main part of ZPhotoSlides is management which will
help you to edit your photos from your browser (rotate, color, add text on
photo...), to manage the comments, the different title, the postcards, to
view the different photo in different format/size, the statistics ...

Main new features

Full CMF and Plone Integration
Export ZPhoto, ZPhotoSlides
Translation are done by PlacelessTranslationService (not Localizer
Lot's of changes in class division (implementation, dtml to zpt)
Added a ZPhoto Object
Added a config file for zope administartor (size limitation, photo default format...)
Works perfectly with ImageMagick
Better default layout
Added new permissions (export, postcard...)
Parse IPTC and EXIF informations without PIL

For more information visit http://www.zphotoslides.org

Thanks to Gael Pasgrimaud for his huge help to the project.


                Jean-François Roche and the ZPhotoSlides dev team.

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