[Zope-Annce] [ANN] TextIndexNG 2.1.0 final released

Andreas Jung lists at andreas-jung.com
Fri Oct 15 12:48:17 EDT 2004

I am pleased to announce the release of TextIndexNG 2.1.0 final:

Changes in 2.1.0 (since latest 2.0.8):

   - **Minimum Python version:** Python 2.3.3 or higher

   - **Minimum Zope version:** Zope 2.7

   - workaround for incorrect treatement of HTML entities in strip-o-gram 
(affected HTML document converter)

   - fixed entity handling in SGML and XML converters

   - misc. converter fixes

   - phrase and NEAR search should be working again

   - optimized space usage of the StandardStorage

   - added a new storage *StupidStorage* which uses less space but neither 
supports near, phrase nor ranking

   - the storage can be choosen at creation time

   - **Exisiting indexes should be deleted and re-created**

   - Fixed a bug reported by Simon Pamies where also unindexed documents 
appeared as indexed

   - fixed bug in reindexing behaviour in StupidStorage (patch by Dieter 

   - optimized implementation of StupidStorage and StandardStorage

   - fixed a list comprehension with a quadratic runtime behaviour

   - Better integration with Plone: TextIndexNG can now be installed 
through Plone
     Setup/Add+Remove programs.
     This will install a configlet under Plone Setup that allows you to 
convert the SearchableText index
     from ZCTextIndex to TextIndexNG2

   - API enhancements: the 'extra' parameter of the constructor can now be 
a dictionary of parameters instead
     of being a record-like object

Download it from http://www.zope.org/Members/ajung/TextIndexNG

Documentation is http://zope.org/Members/ajung/TextIndexNG/wiki/TextIndexNG


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