[Zope-Annce] [ANN] PloneCollectorNG 1.2.4 released

Andreas Jung lists at andreas-jung.com
Sun Oct 24 06:17:21 EDT 2004

I am pleased to announce the release of  PloneCollectorNG 1.2.4 (PCNG)

PloneCollectorNG is a Plone-based bugtracking solution and framework.

Changes since V 1.2.3:

    - minor bugfixes

    - applied Kapil's patch to provide a better subclassing support for PCNG

    - fixed URL of quicklinks in search portlet

    - searches could not be saved properly

    - all workflows removed the assigned users from an issue if the issue 
state changed
      into a final state (defered, resolved, rejected). The workflow tool 
must be recreated
      in this case to fix the problem for existing PCNG  instance 
(Configuration -> Maintenance)

    - email notifications now contain a References: and In-Reply-To: header 
to provide a better sorting
      within your email client

    - notification_policies.py: fixed AT accessor problem

    - removed most of the AT magic introduced in earlier releases. PCNG now 
uses ManagedSchema from
      !Archetypes instead of !PCNGSchema which introduced a lot of 
dependencies and pain over the last
      releases. The current implementation should now be in sync with all 
upcoming AT releases.

    - **WARNING**: every !PloneCollectoNG instances must be updated through 
**Configuration -> Maintenance ->
      Update Collector schema for all issues**

   - **WARNING**: backup your Data.fs before performing an upgrade

"Documentation Wiki":http://www.zope.org/Members/ajung/PloneCollectorNG


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