[Zope-Annce] Issue Dealer 0.9.69 released

Morten W. Petersen morten at nidelven-it.no
Tue Apr 12 17:00:57 EDT 2005

Issue Dealer (http://www.nidelven-it.no/products/issue_dealer) is a
issue management tool featuring a weblog publisher (client), weblog
(server), WebDAV client, WYSIWYG editing of HTML and Images and more. 
This announcement covers the last 3 releases, which were mostly minor
tweaks and one major new feature, the ability to import web pages as issues.

Changes since the last announcement:


  - Massive speedups on the local weblog publisher


  - Made shortcut from tree view to tree publisher, and added some options
  - Removed issue quick-add


  - Added From and To header on emails generated by notifications
  - Added support for importers, and a web page importer

If you're interested in trying a demo, sign up at the demo site
(http://demos.issue-dealer.net). To see the Issue Dealer Weblog Server
in action, have a look at The Blogologue (http://www.blogologue.com). :)

Nidelven IT (http://www.nidelven-it.no) and others use the product to
manage their knowledge and action items, it's a great tool to keep track
issues in different departments for example. Try it! ;)

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