[Zope-Annce] Localizer 1.1.0 released

J. David Ibanez j-david-news at noos.fr
Mon Apr 11 05:59:05 EDT 2005

Localizer 1.1

April 7, 2005 - Two years after release of Localizer 1.0, I am
pleased to announce the availability of the next major version,
Localizer 1.1.

Localizer is a Zope [1] product for developers and web masters.
Localizer solves the problem of building multilingual products
and web sites, ranging from internationalization and localization
of the user interface to management of multilingual content.

jdavid at itaapy.com [2]

What's new in 1.1

This release brings several new features. Specifically Localizer
now supports industry standards such as TMX [3] and XLIFF [4],
which enhance the interoperability of Localizer based applications
within mainstream environments.

Native support for 'i18n' namespaces for ZPT (Zope Page Templates)
is included avoiding the need to install other products.

The user interfaces have been vastly improved, specially for
'LocalContent' objects.

Four new translations are available: Danish, Italian, Portuguese
and Russian.

Localizer 1.1 has been re-packaged and now depends on itools Python
package and iHotfix Zope product. While these changes make installation
a bit more complex, the added benefit is simplified source management.
Furthermore this subtle change makes Localizer Services available to
the wider audience of Python [5] developers.

Last but not least, Localizer's stability has been dramatically
improved by resolution of many bugs resulting in a mature and even
more reliable product.


This is the first release where the majority of work has been
contributed by community users and the original author. Credit
where credit is due.

To Eduardo Corrales and Roberto Quero from the Deusto University [6],
for the original implementation of the TMX standard.

To Søren Roug and Cornel Nitu from the European Environment Agency [7],
for their work on the TMX code, the implementation of the XLIFF standard,
the overhaul of the LocalContent interfaces, and the Danish translation.

To Alexey Lubimov for the Russian translation.

To Mario Olimpio de Menezes for the original Portuguese translation.

To Rodrigo Senra for updating the Portuguese translation, and for improving
the Localizer API.

To Marco Bizzarri for the Italian translation, and for improving the

Download and Install

 1. Download the Localizer meta-package from http://www.localizer.org

 2. Unpack the tarball

 3. Follow the instructions within the README file



Mailing list

Bug Tracker


[1] http://www.zope.org
[2] http://www.itaapy.com
[3] http://www.lisa.org/tmx/
[4] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=xliff
[5] http://www.python.org
[6] http://www.deusto.es/
[7] http://www.eea.eu.int/

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