[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.48 released, news

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Thu Dec 1 22:18:52 EST 2005

Zwiki is a powerful, easy to use and administer, GPL wiki engine for 
Zope 2. It works in both standard Zope and CMF/Plone. Version 0.48 has 
been released at http://zwiki.org . More useful urls are at the end of 
this message.

Very quiet month in Zwiki-land; I've been paying the bills. Thanks to 
Stefan Rank, Frank Laurijssens, and especially Encople Degoute for 
keeping things moving in a good direction!

I posted 
, but time has been short and I'm not sure a year-end 1.0 push will 
happen. But you never know..

Best wishes for the year-end holidays.

    Zwiki 0.48.0 2005/12/01


French and dutch translation updates & several small bugfixes.


        Issue tracking

    * tweak html to avoid stray hyperlinking in issue browser in plone wikis
    * fix a missing space in filter issues

        General - i18n

    * fix conflicting patch for i18n semicolons
    * avoid deprecation warning zope2.8 (i18n:attributes, |;| instead of
      space) (Stefan Rank)
    * french translation updates (Encolpe Degoute)
    * i18n code cleanups (Encolpe Degoute)
    * Additional translations for Dutch (Frank Laurijssens)

Useful urls:

    * http://zwiki.org - start here
    * http://zwiki.org/ZwikiFarm - free experimental zwiki hosting
    * http://joyful.com - zwiki demos and other wikis
    * http://joyfulsystems.blogspot.com - blog
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwiki - wikipedia entry
    * http://joyful.com/darcs - darcs repository interface

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